Who are We

TurtlEye Tech is a highly functional startup based in Kolkata, India that designs unconventional applications for automation of daily works. We develop mobile software applications (here) which eases the daily task and gives the user a more comfortable experience in their work.


Team Turtleye
Team Turtleye


Our Story

Founded in 2015, TurtlEye aims to gather the World Data into streamlined channels for the ease of use. The world is challenged by innumerable problems and TurtlEye is provided with as many opportunities to Innovate, Develop & Resolve

Our Mobile & Web Technologies, based upon unconventional ideas, are intended to impart useful services to both Techies and Humans


What’s in the Name

TurtlEye = Turtle + Eye

At TurtlEye we aim to proceed steadily with a vision to encompass all possible outlooks to provide holistic development of the entire community. We work with a balanced approach towards a Vision of achieving a demand centric growth oriented development and business outlook utilising the effectiveness of Technology


About Our Work

We at TurtlEye develop customized Mobile and Web based solutions for businesses and end-users. Our core competency is Android mobile applications. Based in Kolkata since 2015, our development team is equipped to deal with all kinds of challenges and find exciting solutions for them.

We provide Android & iOS Solutions for stock management, sales reporting, school automation system. We take up an offline business and introduce it to the Online world by means of our Mobile and Web Solutions. Ecommerce over websites have been used for a long time. We specialize in providing you customized dashboard for sales and product management.

Across the World, there are 6.4 million businesses online which have not been able to reach the target audience due to improper designing, search engine optimization(SEO) and social visibility. We expertise in solving these problems for your already exsting platforms and finding you the right traction which your Online Business has been waiting for. Look out for our online budget calculator and make your own application. Choose the features of your choice and we will design your dreams into Android, iOS and Web platforms. Try it now



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